Early Sept. 2013 on the Camino

From Sept. 4, 2013:

I am in Estella tonight.  Getting the hang of this Camino schedule.  Up pretty early (5-6 AM) & walking no later than 7AM.  Eating breakfast at the alburgue where I sleep, or walking to an open coffee shop for a cafe con leche & a bocadilla (sandwich) or quiche-like thing w/potatoes ( yum!) the pastries are terrific too.

Then I call Colleen & we fill each other in on details. She is about a day ahead of me.  Then I walk until lunch, have a rest & then keep walking until about 3-4 pm.
I check into where ever I’m staying (not been turned away anywhere yet) & have a shower & wash the clothes (by hand) that I’ve just walked in. They dry quickly here on clothes lines or racks.  If not (like when I get to a place too late for 2-3 hrs. of sun) I pin the damp things to the outside of my backpack.

Today was pretty typical & I got to Estella by4pm.

I’ve already mailed home my duffel bag & thinking of mailing my  sleeping bag too.  Need to check on the weather west of where I am now.

Having an absolutely great time.  Blood sugar is fine, feet are GREAT!  That helps a lot.

One thought on “Early Sept. 2013 on the Camino

  1. The post I just got answers a lot of questions. I couldn’t figure out why you were walking by yourself. I also had a hard time trying to answer on your blog. However I didn’t have a hard time being quite impressed and feeling a little bit of vicarious greatness because my friend was doing such a marvelous thing.


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