Full Disclosure

From Sept. 27, 2013

Almost 3 weeks ago my friend & walking buddy, Colleen, decided to go home after about 2 weeks on the Camino.  Although we trained together for the Camino for 3 months, our walking styles remained pretty different. On the Camino our coping with the challenges also proved different.  More importantly, Colleen returned home early to have some needed surgery and reports from her are good.  I will try to copy some of her latest updates (if WordPress will let me copy & paste!)

After Colleen left Spain, I decided to contact the Camino booking agency: CaminoWays.com that I’d wanted to use all along. That proved to be a good move.  All the places they’ve booked for me are very nice.  NO more alburges or refugios  for Maureen.  I would have preferred to have a room mate and I’ve not enjoyed eating alone when I couldn’t avoid it.  That said, the privacy has been a welcome relief from the chaos of the youth-hostel-like accommodations we stayed in for the first two weeks on the Camino.  Even more significantly, I’ve used the backpack transport service (Jaco-Trans) that is included in my package and so I’ve had considerably less trouble covering the 20-30 km/day between accommodations.  I’m making better time and getting better quality rest at night.

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