Catedral de Santa Maria, León

Catedral de Santa Maria, León

This is what the cathedral looked like this morning as I walked out of León. I have hesitated to walk at dawn (or before) for fear of getting lost in the dark. Today I walked with Scott & Connie from Sacramento, CA & we had no trouble thanks to Connie’s navigation skills! She tells me she is a California Park Ranger, so she must have LOTS of experience directing tourists, eh?

La Virgen de la Esperanza

La Virgen de la Esperanza

This lovely 13th century statue is in a side chapel in the Catedral de Santa Maria in León.
The recorded audio tour said she is a beloved manifestation of Marian art, a rare image of a pregnant Mary. I think her colour is very good for her age. She even has that rosy glow of pregnant women!

Pets & Others on the Camino

Pets & Others on the Camino

My neighbor at home, Eileen, asked me if I’ve seen any pets on the Camino. She also asked if I’ve met anyone from NY or Canada. This photo is proof of pets & Canadians! The dog belongs to the German woman on the right. She carries a tent for her & “Mambo” the dog, because no albergues will accept pets. The woman in the middle is a chef from Toronto. The man on the left is from Israel. So, as you can see, I am meeting people from all over the world. (So far, the only New Yorkers I have met were from Long Island!)

Kids on the Camino

Kids on the Camino

A friend at home asked me recently if I’ve met any families with kids traveling together on the Camino. Yes! I met this young man my first night. He is 11 years old & traveling with his mum, dad and THREE sisters, ages 8 to 15 yrs., from Australia. They are a pretty amazing family. I walked intermittently with one or more of them for three days (at the beginning of my trip) and last I heard, they are about a day behind me now. I look forward to seeing them in Santiago.

Extreme Mother Love

Extreme Mother Love

Went to Mass at this Benedictina Chapel this morning as I was walking out of Sahagún. These cloister nuns have the loveliest “Rococco” iglesia I’ve seen in Spain so far. This photo is of a mother stork who has pierced her own breast so that her carnivore chicks can drink her blood. Sort of an extreme example of the “gory” style of Spanish religious art, eh? Nevertheless, as I am told this is a beloved image of maternal sacrifice and since this image is on the altar, circa “postVatican 2”, it was placed in this chapel ~1963?